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Rainbow Ball into Adventure


TweenMaker: Computer Supported Cartoon Inbetweening (Research)

My master's thesis.CLICK HERE to learn more.
My advisor was Dr. Thomas W. Sederberg.

"The Dud".
110 key frames.

12 key frames.

15 key frames.

8 key frames.

3 key frames.

2 key frames.

The Demo Scene (Demos I've worked on)

Isosurfer (Pilgrimage 2005)

Computer Supported Inbetweening Using Image Morphing (Research)

This was an extension to the automatic image morphing using layers and rotational axes.

10 key frames.

3 key frames.

"An Artistic Walk through Time".
4 key frames per walk cycle.

Automatic Image Morphing (Research)

Fully automatic image morph
between Dr. Sederberg and Peishing Gao
Comparing two methods for fully automatic
view morphing between two views of a statue

Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces

C++ source code (*.zip).

Real Time Volume Renderer

I was able to get about 6 frames per second: Image = 256x256. Data set = 256x256x110. Processor = 1.6 GHz celeron.

Some different viewing modes.

Cross sectional cut.

Morphological operations.
Dilation and erosion.

C++ source code.
Teddy bear data set (*.zip).

Real Time Ray Tracing (Demo)

70+ fps on 1.6 GHz celeron.
Java applet version

Ray Tracer (not so real time)

Scan Line Converter

Computer Vision and Image Processing

Planar Fitting of Point Cloud Data
C++ source code(*.zip).

Hand Writing Vectorization and Compression

Video Segentation and Compositing
Automatic image segmentation.
Intelligent scissors.
C++ source code(*.zip).
Stick faces
(Pattern classification).