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Do you have an animation created with TweenMaker that you would like to submit to the gallery? Just send a link to the animation if posted on the Internet or your TMS file and any included background images to:

"The Dud"

"The Dud" 360 x 243(AVI 23 MB)
"The Dud" 720 x 486(MPG 38 MB)

"The Dud" is a short 90 second animation created with an early version of TweenMaker. Creating the cleaned up and colored inbetweens for "The Dud" took 13% of the man hours it normally takes with conventional methods.


Blue(MOV 83 KB)

See the six original key frames(MOV 49 KB).
Original Animation courtesy of Mike Nguyen and July Films.


Turtle(AVI 1.2 MB)

See the three original key frames(JPG 38 KB).
Original Animation courtesy of Richard Rich and Nest Entertainment.

"How Dare You!"

"How Dare You!"(MOV 420 KB)

See the 19 original key frames(MOV 141 KB).
Original Animation courtesy of Martin Madsen and Dotrix.

Walk / Jump

"Walk / Jump"(MOV 527 KB)

See the 15 original key frames(JPG 23 KB).
One of the original animation tests for TweenMaker.