Help: Menus


New Scene

Brings up the new scene window.

Open Scene

Lets you open an existing TMS scene file.

Close Scene

Closes the current scene and leaves you with a default scene.

Save Scene

Saves out your current scene. If it is the first time you are saving it, it will ask you where you want to save it and the name you wish to give it.

Save Scene As

Lets you save the current scene and give it a different name.

Export Animation

Brings up the export animation window for saving out the animation created by TweenMaker as an sequence of images or a Flash SWF movie.

Import Image(s) into New Level

Lets you specify an image or sequence of images that you would like to import. The sequence of images must be number consecutively and not skip any numbers.

Import Audio

Lets you load in a WAV sound file for play back with your animation.

Import TweenMaker Level

Lets you load one of 4 different kinds of TweenMaker levels described here.


These commands are for elements in the drawing area of the main window only and do not work on the frames in the time line.


Undoes the last action taken.


Redoes the last undone action.


Makes a copy of the currently selected items in the main drawing area.


Once items have been copied, this will paste them into the drawing area.


Removes all selected items from the main drawing area.


Reset View

Centers and scales the drawing area so that all of it is shown on the screen.

Show Pencil

Show pencil lines drawn in the ruff levels.

Show Ink

Show ink lines draw in the clean up levels.

Show Painted Shapes

Show the colors of the painted shapes.

Show Skeleton

Show the bones and joints used in the motion tools.

Show Paths of Motion

Show the paths of motion that the joints take.

Onion Skin

Show onion skinning.

Look through Camera

Look at the scene through the camera for the current key frame.


Make all the lines and shapes see through.

Highlight on Mouse Over

Highlights a curve or shape when your mouse is over it. This is helpful when you have many shapes or lines close together.


Brings up the view settings tab in the properties window.



Selects the pencil tool.


Selects the eraser.


Selects the pen / ink tool.


Selects the paining tool.


Selects the edit tool.


Selects the motion tool group.

Put Tools on Left

Puts the tools window on the left side of the drawing area.

Put Tools on Right

Puts the tools window on the right side of the drawing area.

Update Shapes to All Frames

Takes the shape and their colors from the current frame and copies them to all frames in the current clean up level.


Brings up the tool properties tab in the properties window.



Starts or stops the animation playing.

Step Forward

Steps one frame forward in the animation.

Step Backward

Steps one frame back in the animation.

Line Recorder

Previous, Next, Record, Stop, Add/Insert, Skip

Please see line recorder for information on the function of these menu items.


Brings up the view settings tab (contains a line recorder section) of the properties window.


Player Controls

Brings up the player controls window.

Tween Spacing

Brings up the tween spacing window.

Line Recorder

Brings up the line recorder window.

Shape and Line Layers

Brings up the layers window.


Launch Online Help

Brings up is help documentation in your default web browser.


Gives a little credit to all the hard work that went into making this amazing piece of software.

Hot Keys

Brings up the hot keys tab of the properties window.